Helping to Leave

24/7 hotline for residents of Ukraine affected by the war

My Home Fit in a Cup

A campaign, which helps Ukrainians leave the occupation for the Ukrainian-controlled territories and adapt in a new place. Become the support with Helping to Leave.

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What we do

We help people affected by the russian war against Ukraine. The project’s objective is to help people obtain essential humanitarian aid and evacuate to safety from active combat zones, Ukrainian territories under temporary russian occupation, and russian regions to which Ukrainian citizens have been forcibly deported.
>45 000
people received some kind of assistance from us: financial, humanitarian, psychological or with evacuation to a safer territory, including instances where we fully organized the entire evacuation process
>19 000
people were evacuated from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and from russia, where these Ukrainians had been deported


  • Evacuation
  • Adaptation
  • Evacuation from the active war zones in Ukraine
  • Evacuation from the humanitarian corridors throughout Ukraine
  • Evacuation from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and from russia
  • Medical Evacuation
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Special projects

Get NFTs to help Ukrainians

Marking 22 months since russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began, we at Helping to Leave are launching a special project: an NFT collection that consists of unique images and the real stories of Ukrainians evacuated from the areas of military conflict.

The number '22' commemorates the 22 months of the ongoing brutal war (as of December 2023) and also represents the year the full-scale invasion began.

Merch that can help

All proceeds go towards aiding Ukrainians affected by the actions of rf.

Territories are people

We stand with the people of Ukraine who are living under occupation. We support their freedom, and their right to defend this freedom from russian oppression.


Here we share the stories of people we have helped and our volunteers involved in the evacuation of Ukrainians. We tell the stories of systematic human rights violations in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Deportation, interrogations, cell phone checks, and more — this is the reality of life under occupation.

Our Team

The project was created on February 24, 2022 by just a few like-minded people — then it was a chat in the Telegram messenger. Now we are a team of more than 300 volunteers around the world who help Ukrainians both remotely and on the ground.

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